“The Lego Christmas Drive Ben Glenn does each year has made an incredible impact in our community!  We gave gifts to all underprivileged students at the local elementary school near our church facility.  Not only did we get lots of thankfulness from families in the community, it also connected people to the life of our church.  In fact, one family is a major part of our church who became followers of Jesus and were baptized.  The mother of the family now runs a pantry to help others’ in need in the very same community!  None of this may have been possible without the incredible generosity of Ben and the Lego Christmas Drive!”

Josh Husmann
Lead Pastor of Mercy Road Church


“The kids we serve have seen and experienced things some adults couldn’t even imagine. The smiles on the children’s faces and the way their eyes lit up when receiving their very own LEGO set is so heartwarming. The Julian Center is grateful for Ben and his team for the role they play in helping to provide a happy, memorable holiday to our youngest residents.”

Faren Jones
Development and Communications Manager


“Ben Glenn and his Chalkguy Christmas LEGO Drive were such a wonderful addition to our FLL qualifying tournament at the Learning Curve @ Central Library. He not only donated LEGO kits so that each of our almost 200 students received one for free, but also participated in the awards ceremony giving them out. He really brought excitement and fun to the event and I know the kids all loved their LEGOs – it was hard to get them to wait until after they left the event to open the kits!”

Maggie Cline
Program Director, TechPoint Foundation for Youth


“Each year Dotted Line Divas passes out holiday gift baskets to families in need and last year Ben provided us with 50 LEGO sets to include in those bags! Many of the kids enjoyed being able to open up such a fun toy during their Christmas celebrations. We’re so grateful for Ben’s partnership and support!”

Christina Huffines
Founder, Dotted Line Divas