Hi! I’m Ben Glenn also known as the Chalkguy! I’m a speaker, artist, author and the creator of the Chalkguy LEGO Drive. We are heading into our 8th year and I hope you will join the 2019 Chalkguy LEGO Drive as we strive to “raise” over 1000 sets!

The 2018 Chalkguy LEGO Drive was our most successful year yet, thanks to your continued support.


We collected 984 New LEGO sets valued over 30k. Additionally, 732 pounds of used LEGO was donated to the cause as well. With your continued support we are looking forward to an EPIC 2019 campaign!

Where do the LEGO sets go?


The Chalkguy Lego drive is a year long effort to collect as many Lego sets to hand out during the holiday season. Most of the sets are given away to children’s hospitals in the Indianapolis area, along with other local charitable organizations. However our reach is starting to go beyond Indiana as sets have been sent to other cities like, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, and Baltimore.



The LEGO drive was born 8 years as the result of a simple teachable moment with my 2 daughters. I wanted to teach them the joy and blessing of giving. Along with teaching them the value of giving I also taught them the importance of giving their best. That is why we only give LEGO… Because LEGO is the best!

It is our goal that every child who receives one of our LEGO sets knows that they are valued and loved, that’s why on every LEGO set we hand out there is sticker that says, “LEGO is the best and we want you to know you are worth the best.”